Photoshop Styles Mega Pack 2

Photoshop Styles Mega Pack 2
Ancient Bronze Photoshop StyleBrown Cardboard Photoshop StyleMinimal White Photoshop StyleChiseled Stone Photoshop StyleChrome Script Photoshop StyleChrome Trophy Photoshop StyleClear Glass Photoshop StyleSandy Handwriting Photoshop StyleCoated Plastic Photoshop StyleComic Book Photoshop StyleHalftone Comic Photoshop StyleFluffy Marshmallow Photoshop StyleFresh Water Photoshop StyleGreen Slime Photoshop StyleGruesome Gore Photoshop StyleHeroic Bold Photoshop StyleOrange Gel Photoshop StylePink Bubblegum Photoshop StyleRed Blob Photoshop StyleRed Brick Photoshop StyleRefracted Glass Photoshop StyleRubber Bubble Photoshop StyleCaution Sign Photoshop StyleSnowy White Photoshop StyleSolar Flare Photoshop StyleSwiss Cheese Photoshop StyleWeathered Wood Photoshop StyleCheckered Flag Photoshop StyleWet Splash Photoshop Style

This Photoshop styles mega pack contains 30 premium Photoshop styles in a wide variety of elements. From ancient bronze and brown cardboard to pink bubblegum and sandy handwriting, this pack has everything you need for a multitude of different designs.

Included in this file:

  • Instant download access
  • Photoshop layer styles .ASL files with blending options optimized for 4 different text sizes
  • Sample .PSD files used in the creation of the thumbnails
Price: $20.00

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